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About Garth:

My name is Garth Green. I'm running for Cedar City Mayor, and I'm going to win! If you work on Saturdays to keep groceries on the shelf, food on the table, and water running, I am your candidate. If you want to enjoy the scenery that this area provides, the freedom to work and start a business, and your kids and grandkids to live here and share in that joy, I am your candidate.

Born and raised in Cedar City, Utah, my father Orwin was the first full-time fire chief of this city. I am a graduate of Cedar High School and earned a Bachelor Degree in business at SUSC (now SUU). I started my family in Cedar City, started my career here locally in banking, and in 1989 started a business here--Southwest Plumbing Supply.

Having started my career in banking, I worked for First Security Bank for 19 years. The bank kept my little family busy moving around the state, and I managed several small rural branches throughout the state until 1989 when I decided to move back home. Cedar City was always home in my mind, and this was where I wanted to raise my children and spend my life.

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In 1989, I opened a small plumbing supply company on 100 west in Cedar City and called it Southwest Plumbing Supply. The parent company I founded was called Garth O Green Enterprises Inc., now much better known as G.O.Green. The year I started my business, there were only 7 building permits in Cedar City and one was my own home. That environment was not the best indicator that a construction supply company would succeed, especially when another supply store also sold plumbing supplies.

The city grew, and with it my business (and most others). Today, even though most of our business is done outside of Cedar City, we keep most of our operations here and employ 150 people locally. Our business allowed Wendy and I to raise our children and teach them about small-town values of hard work, faith and trust in God, and the value of family. This city has been so many things to so many people and I want to protect and preserve that ability for generations to come.

As Mayor, my dream is that everyone who loves Cedar City as much as I do has the option to work and raise a family here; and that their children have the housing and work options to do the same. We can get there through Strong Leadership, Big Vision, and Infrastructure planning that enable our movers and shakers that work nights and weekends to build parks, jobs, and charities that make Cedar City a better place for everyone.

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My Issues

Big Vision

Cedar City will survive as a successful community for generations because we have incredible geography, one of the most diverse economies in Utah, and a solid foundation. This community has been home to some of the most incredible people to ever live. I can't begin to number the stories of generosity and service by our great people.

Now that the "secret is out" about our amazing community, we need to face challenges head-on if we want to succeed as we grow. As new work opportunities arise, our youth will stay here to raise their own families, and those families need places to stay and play. We must look to the future with clarity. We need to assess yesterday's efforts and prepare tomorrow's plan. Today's efforts need to be fruitful and successful. Visionary leaders guide through that change.

We need a planner, an organizer, and a builder in the Mayor's office today to ensure Cedar City wins tomorrow.


We need to be proactive with our infrastructure so we can keep those taps running for our kids and grandkids. That means cost-effective conservation, expanding our successful recharge projects, and looking at our supply sources. In a time where we need more water and more pumps, who better for the job than the guy who has worked with water, pipes, and pumps for over 30 years?

If you think water is important to people who live in the desert, you're right! Desert dwellers appreciate water more than any other group of people. Cedar City needs to work NOW for the water needs in coming decades. The state engineer's office just implemented a groundwater management plan for our basin, and the majority of Cedar City's water rights will be unavailable to use within the next 50 years. On top of that, our well output is at capacity and we need new city wells to keep your shower on.

We have skilled city employees. We need to empower them to collaborate with the community and work to solve our infrastructure needs now, instead of tying their hands until there's a fire to put out. "Be prepared" is the Boy Scout Motto, and we are wise to harken to it!

Strong Leadership

A city needs strong leadership to work for the desires of those who live here. The city works for its residents, and our representatives must be strong to make sure the residents' voices are magnified and heard.

My whole life, I have watched Cedar City grow. I see our community's unique challenges and unlimited potential. All of the competing voices need to be heard, and strong leaders should facilitate compromise while preserving the community's wholesome nature and small-town values.

Residents of Cedar City select the best folks they can find to represent them and hope they will protect and preserve this community we all love, with fair and well-managed taxes, protected freedom, and a clean and safe city.

Government should focus on serving its residents. City staff work for us, and strong leaders ensure the residents' concerns are addressed and that the city staff have the resources to get the important jobs done.


Thank you for your support!

Karl Hugh
Richard Dotson
Ron & Liz Riddle
Zurl ThornockGarth will be great for Cedar City Building & Housing!
Mike & Emily Green
Stacey Cooper
Tom Bryson
Bruce McDonald
Phillip & Kaylee Green
Jefferson Coats
Eric Heaton
Steven CutlerI endorse
Oliver DeMille
Missy DeMille
Kalista OlsenHeck ya!
Kyle Stapley
Karston Keel
Cody Ille
Colton Nielsen
Anthony Anderson
Blaine Nay
Krislyn Seegrist
Leslie Stewart
Austen & Nicole StrineThe Greens are a freedom loving bunch. Stands to reason that it's because Garth raised them that way.

A man with a successful family, successful business, and a freedom loving ethos is more than enough to surpass the capabilities of the encumbent. I'm all for it.

Lori Yardley
Paul Haider
Bob Tavano
Dean Demille
Scott L Brown
Tammie Nelson
Doug KeelingUpgradable
Ben Adams
Jared Zimmer
Mel Basford
Reiley Schurtz
West HarrisGarth works hard and plays hard! Amazing teacher too!
Kristina Culbertson
Todd & Heather Estrada
Mdasoh KyaeppdGarth is a proven leader, and in his defense, Southwest is still on the rise. He has many fierce allies and has weathered the storms of a financial career. I trust Garth to help keep Cedar City out of debt.
LaDell Eyre
Daisy Grady
Jennifer Newman
Gregory HaleI am excited to see someone plan for the future. Growth is happening in Cedar City whether we like it or not. Let's be prepared for it. Otherwise we put ourselves in a bad position for our children.

Thank you for your support!

Brent Drew
Caleb Rees
Chris Bearnson
David Excell
Jeff & Julia Corry
Brad & Elisabeth Green
Dustin Langston
Steve Mecham
Bob & Sue Goodman
Karl & Ester Bradshaw
Brink Griffin
Sydnee Dresner
Daniel Anderson
Preston Hone
Quade Jones
Dustin Cutler
Clifton Kimber
Bowdie G Jacobson
West & Michelle Harris
Joseph Sevy
Austin & Alyssa YardleyAustin:
I can’t think of someone more qualified to lead Cedar City during a time of great change and great crisis. Garth Green is one of the greatest men alive and we’d be greatly blessed to have him as the Mayor of our city.

Great man think he would be great

Dylan Maynes
Casen Green
Freeborn & Annie DeMille
Jared Lewis
Frank Nichols
Kadin & Angie Imlay
Joel Prtido
Dr. Mike Barrick
Isabella AyalaThere's no other choice for me!
Neil Berndt
Blaine NayWe need a mayor and a city council that represents the voters and taxpayers of Cedar City instead of city staff and other advocates of big-spending government. Garth will be that candidate.
Marilyn Grainger
Bernard Hessel
Aaron Meyers
scott thomas
Dan Kidder
Justin Gray
Dave CoanJust on your water conservancy platform alone, you have my full support.

We are in the second driest state in the nation and in a drought. Yet people have their sprinklers running after a heavy rain, water during the heat of the day, and worst of all, hose down their driveways. There ought to penalties for this, such as increased water rates. I'm all for freedom, but when people can't be responsible, then it is sadly time to regulate them.

Please let me help any way I can to your election. Don't have venmo, but I'll get it. As Al Davis used to say, "just win, baby!"

Brett Taylor
Ryan Froyd

Thank you for your support!

Jennifer Davis
Eric Tait
Clay & Melissa Carter
Milt & Rochelle McLelland
Jay Ziegler
Jeff & Adrienne Green
Roice & Andrea Nelson
Aulene Bradshaw
Russel Bradshaw
Richard Messer
Joyce Messer
Spring Parker
Kristen Clark
Samantha Cutler
Megan Allred
Kyle Dovergood hard working person
Lyle DoverVoting for him and telling everyone I see
Allison Jones
Kyle & Ambree CallisonThank you!!
James Colin Clark
Brittany Liddiard
Sharity Hunter
Craig & Eva Bailey
Michael Hill
Jacob Dean
Wendel & Kathleen Bundy
Chad & Sherrie Prisbrey
Brindalyn Green
Evan Ludwig
Ken Warren
Botan Namma Berndt
Dan & Lali Giddings
Kaden KellerI’m all for it
Steve Mecham
James Oliver
Jacob Anderson
Gentleman's Grooming Lounge
Jason Bushnell
Oran Rempel
Cameron Findlay
Breck Judd
Kelly Nelson